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Airseekers TRON-ONE can free your hands from lawn maintenance tasks

by huangzhiheng 07 Sep 2023
Maintaining a flawless garden is a dream of every homeowner, but the laborious task of lawn care can be overwhelming. You can use traditional mowers to cut the grass but they are noisy and demand a lot of your time and effort.
But what if you could have a robot doing all the work autonomously for you?   
That’s what AIRSEEKERS offers. AIRSEEKERS is an emerging tech brand that is set to revolutionize the way we approach lawn care. Its flagship product, TRON, is the world’s first vision AI robotic lawn mower, combining cutting-edge technology with modern design.
It maps your lawn and plans the most efficient cutting route, effortlessly manages lawn works across multiple zones and navigates seamlessly even in weak-signal areas. With the brand’s smart app, you can also personalize your mowing experience, whether setting specific schedules or creating unique mowing patterns.
Airseekers TRON is set up with just one click, which starts off the autonomous terrain mapping to create a virtual map visible on your mobile phone. You can easily customize the map by selecting “no-go zones” in the smart app. With the easy set up, you don’t need need to install cumbersome wires or use RTK/UWB base stations, all you need is a charging base that can be placed anywhere, indoors or outdoors. This is possible thanks to Airseekers’ 5-Camera Air Vision system, which also allows TRON to intelligently plan the most efficient mowing path and effortlessly navigate around obstacles. The astonishing thing about this lawn mower is how precise the navigation is, even among trees or under eaves, it always has highly accurate positioning. With its AI obstacle sensing system, SeekerSensing, TRON has a 300° view range and can easily detect obstacles, even unexpected ones like moving children or pets. You and your family can enjoy a safe mowing experience.
What sets TRON apart is its dual-blade FlowCut Tech System, which allows TRON to vacuum, mow, and chop grass all in one go. When TRON is started, it vacuums the grass upright and cuts it to achieve perfectly neat edges. The system then sucks grass clippings into the dual chamber, where they are chopped until they are fine enough to be used as a natural fertilizer for your soil. Once it has finished its task, TRON autonomously returns to its charging station, leaving you with a perfectly tidy lawn.
With its powerful motor and omni-directional wheels, TRON effortlessly handles various terrains, from steep inclines to uneven ground. No more worrying about your mower getting stuck or missing spots. An optional RTK module can be added to enhance efficiency and precision, especially for larger lawns.
There is also an innovative grass striping roller supplied with TRON. This piece can be used with the smart app to create custom mowing patterns, adding a personal touch to your yard. With the app you can also set your mowing schedule and receive theft alert notifications. If this wasn’t smart enough, TRON has a rain sensor that stops its mowing activity when it’s about to rain and sends it back to the charging station. Once the skies clear, TRON automatically picsk up where it left off and finishes its job.
AIRSEEKERS is committed to creating smart products that seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology into daily life, enhancing people’s lives and positively impacting society. Woo Ngok, founder and CEO of AIRSEEKERS says: "Airseekers robotic lawn mower, TRON, will revolutionize your perception of robotic lawn mowers.”


Verdict: The Airseekers TRON is launching soon on Kickstarter. I’ve seen a finished version of the product at IFA Berlin and it seems well-made and works well. The wheels and motors allow it to climb hills and make the tightest of turns. The price is attractive too. If you need a robotic lawn mower and want a hassle-free mowing experience, keep an eye out for Airseekers TRON.
Pricing & Availability: The Airseekers TRON is launching on Kickstarter the coming October. It is available for pre-order at with a 100€ prepayment to confirm the order. The product will be available at retail in Q1 2024.
  • Cutting area/hour: 350m^2/h (3767sq ft.)
  • Max. slope for cutting area, %: 45%
  • Cutting height: 3-9 cm (1.2-3.6 inches)
  • Cutting width: 24 cm (9.4 inches)
  • Lawn maintenance functions: Mowing + Mulching + Striping
  • Positioning system: Pure Vslam and Optional RTK
  • View range: 300°
  • Waterproof rating: IP66
  • Motor power: 8NM
  • App: iOS and Android


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