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Unleash a New Era of
Intelligent Robotic Lawn Mowing

Introducing Airseekers, the world's premier robotics lawn mower that
delivers carpet-like lawns without human supervision.

Say goodbye to
 Perimeter Wiring & 
Manual Setup

5 Cameras

AI Vision Navigation System

AI Path Planning
& Dynamic Obstacle

Enhanced Pattern

The World's First Lawn Mower for
Vacuuming, Mowing, Chopping

Mow up to

1 acre

Edge Cutting Mode

40% Slope
all Terrains

Panoramic 5-camera

Revolutionize possibilities for robotic mowers

 300°Environmental Awareness Always Keep You Safe

 Binocular Vision Positioning Capability

Oneclick Setup. Perimeter Free

Autonomously explore the lawn to map terrains with a single click thanks to the precision navigation of the Air Vision navigation system.

High-Efficiency Path Planning

Powered by the 5-Camera Air Vision route planing algorithm, operate along a parallel cutting route in sequence. It adapts to the complex lawn conditions and smartly re-route around obstacles, ensuring it never gets stuck.

Dynamic Obstacle Sensing. Extreme Safety

The all-encompassing SeekerSensing system grants a 300° environmental awareness - wide enough to identify various obstacles even unexpected pets or children. Just enjoy a safer and adaptable mowing experience.

The Supreme
Mowing Solution Ever


Vacuum. Mow. Mulch

With the world's first dual-blade FlowCut System, Airseekers Master vacuums up the grass upright and mows to achieve impeccably neat edges. Simultaneously, the grass clippings will be sucked into the chamber and chopped repeatedly, until they are fine enough to enter the ground as fertilizer, ensuring a tidy and carpet-like lawn surface.

Lawn Pattern Drawing

Unleash your creativity and elevate the charm of your lawn with the ingenious grass roller and the smart app. Create eye-catching patterns that infuse your outdoor space with a lively atmosphere and endless fun.

Edge Cutting Mode

Airseekers Master tackles the lawn along the edges professionally and ensures a clean boundary.

1.2-3.5 Inches Cutting Height

Adjust the cutting height according to your preference, ranging from 1.2 to 3.5 inches (30-90mm).

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Unleash Robust Power
Conquer Any Terrain

No more fear of getting stuck in your tracks! The high-torque motors and exclusive 30-degree inward design of omnidirectional wheels facilitates smooth turns and confident movement in any terrain, including steep climbing hills up to 40 degrees, descending into low-lying areas, and traversing uneven ground with higher efficiency.

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A Secure Smart Anti-theft System

You will never lose your Airseekers Master since the GPS tracks itslocation and you'll receive app notifications in case of theft.

image 15.png__PID:f89c5b22-9652-458f-8f5b-7e0f75e2020d

Smart Lawn Butler at Your Fingertips

With a rain sensor, Airseekers Master detects rainfall promptly, pauses mowing operations, and autonomously returns to the charging station for safety.

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AIRSEEKERS is Easy Clean

AIRSEEKERS features an IP66 protection rating and user-friendly design.making it easy to clean. lt can be directly cleaned with a water hose, andafter cleaning, it will naturally air dry.

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Pluggable RTK Module

The removable RTK system ensures even more accurate navigation and positioning, allowing for smoother and easier management of larger-scale mowing tasks.

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