About Us


Changyao Innovation Technology(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd was established in June 2022 with a commitment to creating innovative smart hardware that will revolutionize future human lifestyles and promote the integration of technology into daily life.

The core team members have graduated from renowned institutions worldwide, including the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the University of Oxford, Peking University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They have in-depth expertise in various disciplines such as computer science, robotics, applied mechanics, and mechanical engineering.

The team possesses extensive research and development experience in industries like autonomous driving, robotics, and smart hardware, with a global perspective on development. Currently, the company has a workforce of over 40 people, with more than 80% being dedicated to research and development.


Changyao Innovation has successfully completed two rounds of funding, raising tens of millions in investments. The majority of the raised funds have been invested in research and development as well as production. Currently, the AIRSEEKERS lawn mowing robot product has entered the large-scale testing phase, while the NUROUZ products have been fully completed and are in the process of bulk shipping overseas.


Vision:To become a global leader in innovative technology consumer brands.

Philosophy:Innovation is a long-term pursuit. Only by breaking through barriers and continuously exploring can we truly glimpse innovation.

Purpose:Starting from user scenarios, deeply understanding user needs, and continuously exploring innovative products that meet those needs.

Mission:Using the power of technology to bring about positive and beneficial changes to society.

Founder & CEO Woo Ngok


Founder & CEO Woo Ngok graduated from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in late 2017. In 2017, during his time in Australia, he encountered a lawn mowing robot that had complicated operating instructions and inefficient and disorganized functionalities. This experience sparked Woo's idea to develop a lawn mowing robot that truly addresses people's pain points. After graduation, he turned down offers for a doctoral degree from top global institutions. Instead, he sought to gain more practical experience in the industry. Woo worked in research and development, product management, and marketing positions at Fortune 500 companies. In 2020, he embarked on entrepreneurship in the field of robotics. In 2022, he founded the AIRSEEKERS brand and officially began the development of lawn mowing robots.

Woo Ngok's vision for AIRSEEKERS is to create lawn mowing robots that truly meet the needs of users. He aims to approach product development from the user's perspective, ensuring that robots are the most convenient and reliable tools for users.